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Timber screen with wire balustrade and deck Sutherland Shire

An artfully built deck will transform the way you use your home, creating a beautiful place to relax, entertain and enjoy with family. This is one of the most simple, yet incredibly effective ways of adding more space and value to your home.  

Particularly on steep blocks of land, a deck can transform previously unusable land into a highly valuable extension of your living space and help you take full advantage of beautiful vistas. We are the market leaders in decking design and installation throughout the Sutherland Shire, St George, Wollongong and Illawarra regions.

Hardwood or composite decking

Our team specialises in custom designing and building decks that seamlessly integrate with your outdoor space, using premium materials such as hardwood timber, eco-friendly composite products like Ekodeck, NewTechWood and the exquisite Millboard.

Building Bushfire BAL FZ rated decks

We specialise in building decks and screens in Bushfire BAL FZ rated zones using the right materials and expert design and installation. Please have a read of our Bushfire BAL FZ page for more information.

Why Choose Life Outdoors?

  • Premium Materials: We source the finest materials, ensuring durability and visual appeal for your decks and screens.

  • Custom Design: Our team works closely with you to create decks and screens that reflect your unique style and preferences.

  • Versatility: From classic hardwood to eco-friendly composite, and versatile screen materials, we offer a diverse range to suit any vision.

  • Craftsmanship: Life Outdoors is synonymous with craftsmanship. Every deck and screen is meticulously built to exceed your expectations.

We'd love to build you a gorgeous deck! Contact us today for a chat about what you're after and to book in an obligation-free quote.  



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In Australia there is a wide choice of good quality hardwoods that are either locally grown or imported. Hardwood decks provide strength, stability and importantly, durability for our tough Australian climate.

Why are imported hardwoods less expensive?

Imported Hardwoods are generally cheaper to purchase as the standards they undergo aren’t as high as the Australian Hardwoods. 

Why are hardwood decks more expensive to build than soft wood?

Hardwood Decks require more time to build due to the additional time spent cutting and predrilling and will cost a little more than a deck built in softwood. Life Outdoors recommend that you speak with us for advice on whether a particular timber will be suitable for your needs.

A well designed and built deck will enhance the beauty and value of your home for many years to come. We take pride in our constructions and are dedicated to building you a durable solution to last many years with no shortcuts and no subcontracting. 

Benefits of Timber

  • Timber decks look stunning.

  • Timber decks blend with a natural environment.

  • Timber decks gentle on your feet.

  • Timber decking adds warmth to the surroundings.

Timber Deck and Grass Sutherland Shire
Spotted Gum Hardwood Timber


Spotted Gum 

Class 1 Hardwood - 25-50 years durability with above ground use and appropriate maintenance.

Look & colour: pale straw brown through to a rich cream chocolate brown with subtle warm red tones and a beautiful interlocked grain. 

We love it because: It's locally grown in Australia, widely available and the most environmentally sustainable choice, extremely durable and ideal for construction in the harsh Australian climate. We love that it is a minimally staining timber, less prone to bleed tannins than other species.

Durability: It has a high resistance rating against wood-destroying fungi and insects such as termites.

Stability: It is highly durable and very stable, experiencing very little shrinkage which makes it stable to build with, however it can warp, twist or swell when exposed to the wrong conditions. It should be positioned in areas with appropriate ventilation, low moisture levels and exposure to the elements. 

Bushfire Zone Suitability: It is also recognised as a bushfire-resistant hardwood and can be used in some cases with a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating up to BAL29 per AS3959. What's not to love?!

Maintenance: Your spotted gum deck will require a clean and oil at regular intervals to maintain it's beautiful texture and colour. You can use products that allow it to silver off naturally while maintaining the health of the timber if you prefer the aged coastal look.  

Merbau Hardwood Timber



Class 1 Hardwood - up to 40 years durability with above ground use when properly maintained. 

Look and colour: Merbau's colour develops from a golden/brown colour when first laid to a more mature and deeper red/brown as it ages. It is rich in natural oils and has a fairly even colour with mahogany flecking throughout the grain. 

Durability: It has excellent resistance to decay and termites, though as an imported timber it has less natural resistance to the Lyctid Borer.

Stability: Merbau is a highly durable timber, perfectly suited for the Australian climate with a very low tendency to cup, twist and warp. When well maintained, Merbau is ideal for coastal areas with high levels of moisture.

Bushfire Zone Suitability: Merbau is recognised as a bushfire-resistant hardwood and can be used in some cases with a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating up to BAL29 per AS3959.

Considerations: Merbau has a lot of natural tannin helping to protect the timber from the elements. While your deck is new, this can cause the release of staining tannins onto surrounding concrete or tiled areas. There are ways to reduce the impact of this, such as pre-oiling your deck. 

Merbau is often preferred for its affordability, however as an imported species it is not as environmentally sustainable as Australian Spotted Gum. 


Too busy to oil a deck and dreaming of zero maintenance instead? Looking for a more sustainable option? Composites may be your best bet! 

Composite decks are very popular due to being maintenance free with no sanding or oiling required. They're especially well suited to areas around pools or places near the coast.

Decking boards are available in a wide selection of colours and variety of textures.

Becoming popular in the 1990s Composite timbers are considered an environmentally friendly product usually being made from a mix of recycled plastics, wood fibers, and glue. The boards are designed to last a very long time providing the look and feel of timber, without the ongoing maintenance. Composite decking usually costs 30% more than say a mid-priced hardwood decking board but has some great long-term advantages as an alternative to natural timber.

Popular Composite Brands

The price, quality, colour range and durability can vary between composite decking manufacturers. With each manufacture having its own specifications and pros & cons. Please contact us to discuss your best options.

  • Millboard

  • EkoDeck

  • NewTechWood

  • ModWood Decking

  • TREX Decking

  • TimberTech


Why Choose Composite Timber

  • Resists mould build-up so prevents decks being slippery in winter.

  • Weather-resistant – will not warp, rot, or crack.

  • Stain and scratch-resistant – durable polymer coating protects the surface.

  • UV resistant – tested to perform in Australian conditions.

  • Eco-friendly – created using recycled and renewable resources.

  • Superior strength – patented design creates a stronger, longer-lasting deck.

  • Composite decks come in a wide variety of colours and textures

Composite Timber with Succulent Pot


Millboard Composite Deck

Millboard is a premium composite decking material renowned for its unparalleled beauty, durability and realistic imitation of the look of timber. Crafted to mimic the natural appearance of wood, Millboard goes beyond traditional decking with its realistic texture, rich color variations, and low-maintenance features. What sets Millboard apart is its innovative Lastane® surface layer, offering resistance to stains, scratches, and fading, ensuring a stunning outdoor space that stands the test of time. With an eco-friendly approach, Millboard provides the warmth of wood without the environmental impact, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking both style and sustainability in their outdoor living spaces.

Millboard logo
EkoDeck Composite Deck

EkoDeck is an entry level composite decking board.

EkoDeck comes in two styles: EkoDeck classic and EkoDeck designer. The Classic series is a solid board with a brushed finish, available in three colours and only usable on one side. EkoDeck designer a capped boards with embossed grain pattern, available in six colours and also has an edge board for finishing.

Although not as tough or scratch resistant as imported American made composite decking boards, EkoDeck is stain resistant composite that is very cost effective.

NewTechWood Composite Deck

NewTech Wood is a mid-level composite decking board.

NewtechWood has a natural look with great variation of colour and grain detail. New Tech Wood is scratch, fade and mould resistant and is available in six colours.

NewTechWood comes with a 25-year warranty and is a great composite at a mid-range price.

NewTechWood Logo
ModWood Composite Timber

Modwood decking is an Australian brand leader in composite decking.

Available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes with reversible finishes Modwood provides durability and resistance to the toughest Australian weather conditions.

Modwood comes with a 10-year warranty and is a great composite at a mid-range price.

ModWood Logo
Trex Composite Decking

Trex is the one of the original inventors of composite decking.

Trex -Transcend Range is an American made composite decking product that is exported around the world. With beautifully arranged timber grains and the finish of an elegant exotic hardwood Trex is fade, mould and scratch resistant and comes in 5 colours.

Trex has good colour variation, with embossed grain detail. Trex carries a 25 year warranty and is a great composite at a mid-high range price.

Trex Logo
TimberTech Composite Decking

TimberTech decking is an Imported brand leader in composite decking

Available in a range of sizes, colours, and finishes, Timbertech has three distinct decking board ranges being Azek, Pro and Edge all providing durability and resistance to the toughest Australian weather conditions.

TimberTech comes with a 25- 30-year limited warranty and is a great composite at a mid-high range price.

TimberTech Logo
VALast Composite Decking

VA-LAST decking is an Imported brand leader in composite decking.

Available in a two ranges Apex and Infinity both having range of sizes, colours, and textures, all providing durability and resistance to the toughest Australian weather conditions.

VA- LAST comes with a 25- 30-year limited warranty and is a great composite at a mid-high range price.

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