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Insulated Pergola Balustrade and Deck Sutherland Shire

Life Outdoors can supply and install a wide variety of Handrail & Balustrade combinations. All our handrails, balustrade and stairs are designed to meet the Australian building code and safety standards.

Choosing what style handrailing and balustrade that suits the aesthetic of the house is an important step, but you will also need to ensure the final design complies with local building regulations.

Do I need a balustrade on my deck?

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) states that a handrail is required where there is the possibility of falling over one meter or more from a deck. For lesser heights, it's worth considering keeping that balustrade anyway, or alternatively including full-width steps to provide a comfortable place to lean and rest drinks while enjoying the space.  

What type of balustrade should I get? 

The main factors to consider when choosing the correct handrail and balustrade combination are safety, view, maintenance and style. 

Decks Higher than 4m

Decks that are four meters from the ground or higher need meet additional design requirements that makes them not climbable. The handrail itself should stand a minimum of one metre from the surface of the deck, with a clearance no more than 125 mm from the surface of the deck.

For these decks, the handrails must not have any climbable elements located between 150mm and 760mm of the floor. This means that horizontal balustrades are not allowed to be used at this height, and vertical balustrades should have no footholds.

There are a number of spacing regulations that determine what materials you may use to construct a railing and where your balustrades components need to be placed to ensure spacings no greater than 125mm to prevent large objects falling through.

Like to know more? Keen to get started? Give us a call! 

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Timber wire balustrade with garden Wollongong

Wire Balustrades

One of the most popular handrail and balustrading combinations is hardwood timber posts with matching handrails and stainless-steel wire balustrading. Hardwood handrails provide a natural continuation of the deck timbers while the stainless-steel wire provides little bling with clear uninterrupted views. Please keep in mind that wire balustrading is only allowed on decks no higher than 4mt.

Timber Balustrade Wollongong

Timber Balustrades

Painted timber balustrades are a timeless classic that’s always a popular choice with any style home. An extremely cost-effective material that’s easy to work with and flexible in its broad range of timber sizes to suit any design. Carpenters love working with timber we can build beautiful contemporary and traditional style balustrading.

Balcony Glass Balustrade Suitherland Shire

Glass Balustrades

Glass is a premium balustrading options that delivers a modern clean finish, it also has some additional benefits that other types of balustrading can provide. Glass can be used to create a barrier from driving wind & rain, add privacy through tinted or etched glass and can provide a reduction in noise. With a variety of finishes glass can be clear, tinted, opaque or frosted. It provides the functionality of a handrails and balustrading while delivering far more benefits.

Aluminium Balustrade with Deck

Aluminium Balustrades

Powder coated aluminium handrails and balustrading are a great solution offering a wide range of styles and colours. If you’re wanting a low maintenance solution, then this could be a great candidate. Aluminium is a product that can deliver a great solution for any period home. Although the handrail and balustrading are often fabricated as single product, its common to have a timber handrail either painted or oiled with the aluminium balustrade attached below.



Timber Stairs Wollongong

Life Outdoors specialises in the construction of all types of exterior timber stairs, steps and landings to compliment your balcony or deck. All our work is designed and built to meet the Australian building code and safety standards.

We are experienced in building new or refurbishing your existing stairs, whether you’re wanting to bring them back to life with new decking boards or replace the entire structure with a new contemporary design we can provide a great solution that will stand the test of time.

Our team are experts at working on difficult sites and love a challenge so whether your stairs are at ground level or at second story balcony we can get your stairs feeling and looking like new again.


Most stairs over a meter in height will need handrails and balustrading to make them safe, we can provide you with a variety of stylish solutions to meet your budget. Take a look at our Handrails & Balustrading section above to find out more.

Stair Types:

There are two distinct types of exterior stairs being either modern looking set of boxed stairs lined in the matching decking boards, or a traditional open rise set of stairs, although the construction materials and design can vary each solution can provide a functional and stylish look.

Enclosed or boxed stairs simply mean that the stairs are lined with decking boards on the rise and run so there are no open areas. One of the main advantages of decked steps is they can be designed and built to many shapes, sizes and configurations.

This design allows the same deck boards cover the deck, stairs and landings delivering and Intergrated solution with no gaps or voids concealing unsightly areas from view. Depending on the location of your stairs we can build enclosed stairs with decking boards at the sides or timber stringers that can be painted to create a stylish tone.

Composite Timber Deck


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