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Decking Ideas for Sutherland Shire & Wollongong's Two-Storey Homes

Decking ideas for Sutherland Shire

Regarding decking ideas for two-storey homes, Sutherland Shire homeowners have many options for creating stylish and functional outdoor spaces. From multi-level decks with different levels of height and depth to open-air decks that provide plenty of sunlight, there are numerous great ways to add a touch of class to your home.

Here are a few great decking ideas for two-store homes in Sutherland Shire:

1. Open-air deck

– Open-air decks are perfect for taking in views and allowing natural sunlight to stream in. Decks with a pergola or shade cover can also protect from too much sun, making them ideal for outdoor entertaining during the day time.

2. Multi-level decks

– Separate areas in your outdoor space can be created with a multi-level deck, which is perfect for intimate and larger gatherings of friends and family. With different levels of height and depth, these decks offer plenty of flexibility when entertaining outdoors.

3. Floating decks

– These aesthetically pleasing decks are perfect for adding a sense of luxury and sophistication to your two-storey home. With no visible supports, floating decks appear as if they’re ‘floating’ in mid-air while also offering an impressive view from the second level.

4. Covered deck

– Perfect for year-round use, covered decks protect from the elements while filling your outdoor space with natural light. These decks are perfect for those who want to enjoy their outdoor area regardless of inclement weather.

No matter what type of deck you want to create for your two-storey home in Sutherland Shire, there are plenty of decking ideas available to you.

From open-air decks to multi-level decks, floating decks and covered decks, you can find the perfect solution for your home.

With so many great decking options, Sutherland Shire homeowners can quickly create an outdoor space that is stylish as well as functional.

Essential Tools and Materials

1. Decking Materials – Choose from:

– Hardwood – Composite – Timber – Oak – Australian Wood – Merbau

2. Joist hangers and fasteners

3. Concrete and post anchors (for footings)

4. Decking screws or nails

5. Circular saw

6. Jigsaw

7. Level

8. Measuring tape

9. Safety equipment (gloves, goggles, and ear protection)

Wood and Materials Selection

A suitable wood or material should be chosen based on the climate, budget, maintenance requirements, overall style and aesthetic preferences.


– Suitable for: Hot & Dry, Cold & Dry – Maintenance: Medium


– Suitable for: Hot & Dry, Cold & Snowy – Maintenance: Low


– Suitable for: Hot & Humid, Cold & Snowy – Maintenance: Medium


– Suitable for: Hot & Dry, Cold & Dry – Maintenance: High

Australian Hardwood

– Suitable for: Hot & Humid, Cold & Snowy – Maintenance: Medium


– Suitable for: Hot & Dry, Cold & Snowy – Maintenance: Low

Permits and Building Codes

Before beginning your deck installation, you must obtain the necessary permits from your local Wollongong Council. You will need to check for local zoning laws, building codes, and any specific requirements that apply to your property. It is also good to consult with your neighbours to ensure your deck installation will not cause any disturbances. If you need help on this aspect, contact Life Outdoors Decking.

Decking Design Considerations

Location: The location and orientation of the deck should be carefully considered. Sunlight and wind exposure will affect the deck’s comfort, while nearby surfaces like trees, paving, and walls can help guide overall design decisions.

Design: Consider what type of space you want to create on your deck and how it may be used. Consider the size, shape and features such as railings, stairs or benches you want to incorporate.

Appearance: The decking material should be chosen based on your desired look and feel. Natural wood, composite plank or modular tile can all give different decking styles with varying degrees of maintenance requirements.

Maintenance: decking requires regular maintenance to ensure it looks good and does not deteriorate. Composite decks are low-maintenance but can be more expensive.

Budget: Consider your budget when choosing a material for your deck and decide what features you can afford to include.

Council Regulations: Check with your local council before beginning any decking projects to ensure you adhere to relevant building regulations. This is important for safety reasons and may also affect the type of materials or design you can use.

Factors that affect the cost of decking installation in the Sutherland Shire & Wollongong

Include the size of the deck, type of materials used and design complexity. The larger the area of your deck, the more expensive it will be to install due to additional material and labour costs.

Higher-quality materials such as hardwood or composite boards will also increase the cost. The complexity of your deck’s design may also affect the installation cost.

The location of your deck is also essential: decks in difficult-to-reach areas, such as a second story or on an incline, may incur higher costs due to increased labour and safety considerations.

Finally, the job’s complexity can also influence cost, with more complicated builds, such as curved decks requiring experienced installers and specialised tools. All these factors must be considered when budgeting for your deck project in the Sutherland Shire & Wollongong.

If you’re in Sutherland Shire, Wollongong or surrounding areas, looking for experts in decking and outdoor living designs, contact Life Outdoors for a free quote and expert advice.
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