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Things To Check When Buying a Home with a Deck in Wollongong

Things to check when buying a home with a deck

Looking to buy a property in Wollongong with a deck?

When looking at properties in Wollongong that have a deck, several factors will help you determine if the deck will provide years of enjoyment.


The first thing to look for when evaluating a deck is the condition of the wood and how well it has been maintained. Look for signs of rotting or damage from weather exposure and outside elements.

You also want to check for any repairs or upkeep done on the deck, such as new boards or railings.


The next important factor to consider is the wood used in the deck’s construction and how well it protects against moisture and temperatures. Wollongong experiences various temperatures throughout the year, so choosing a wood that will hold up during harsh weather is essential. Pressure-treated wood options are popular in Wollongong and can last many years with proper maintenance.


Look at the deck design to determine if it suits your taste. If you plan on entertaining guests outdoors, consider a larger deck with multiple levels or a wraparound design. Consider adding fabric sunscreens or a pergola shade structure if you need more shade. You will also want to ensure the deck has safety features such as railings and that all stairs have handrails.


Getting an expert to check the decking is critical. Many safety risks associated with decks may not be immediately visible, including structural damage and rot.

An experienced professional will be able to assess the deck’s condition and ensure it meets all relevant building codes, regulations and standards. They can also identify potential issues, such as rot or decay caused by frequent exposure to rain and water or termites, which could present a hazard if left untreated.

A professional deck builder can also advise on the best ways to maintain and repair the deck, such as recommending the appropriate materials for replacing damaged boards or joists, and can advise on the maintenance and upkeep of your deck, such as moisture protection and waterproofing treatments.

This will help ensure your deck can withstand Wollongong’s weather conditions while preserving its aesthetic appeal.

By evaluating the condition and design of the deck, you can get the perfect deck for years of enjoyment.

So, inspect any potential properties carefully and ask questions if you are unsure. If you need help on this aspect or if you have a deck in Wollongong and you want us to assess the overall condition, contact us today.
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